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Germany is undoubtedly one of the best education destinations in the world. This nation has some of the best educational institutes and is home to a wide range of education curricula. One such education curriculum is Asbildung, more commonly known as Vocational Training. You can enroll in this education program after you graduate from higher school level education. The good news here is that this education program is open to both national and international students. So, if you want to enroll in this vocational training program as a Nepali student, you can easily do so. But what even is Ausbildung? What are its types? And how does it help in the process of unlocking career success?

In this blog, we talk about various aspects of the German Ausbildung program and how it benefits you in your career path. So, without any further ado, let's get started!

What is Ausbildung?


In simple words, Ausbildung is a form of education that refers to an education system that combines practical training and theoretical studies. This education curriculum generally includes a period of theoretical class and a period of practical experience in an organization. Some of the key features of Ausbildung are as follows:

  • In the Ausbildung education system, you split your overall time between hands-on job experience with a company and attending vocational school.
  • This education program generally lasts for two to three years. That said, the specific durations can vary depending on your curriculum.
  • You generally get paid for your time in the organization. Along with this, your salary generally increases as you progress further in the company.
  • Ausbildung covers a wide range of professions and is not limited to fields like mechanics, healthcare, or information technology (IT).
  • The Ausbildung system in Germany offers you a high quality of education in both theoretical and practical aspects.
  • You need to go through an examination and get a qualification certificate.
  • Ausbildung programs often lead to direct employment in the company you are associated with during the education period.

These are some of the key features of the Ausbildung program in Germany.

What are the types of Ausbildung programs in Germany?

There are three main types of Ausbildung programs in Germany. These three types of Ausbildung are as follows:

Dual (Duale Ausbildung)

Dual Ausbildung combines theoretical and practical practice at regular intervals. Duale Ausbildung typically lasts for two to three years. However, it can last up to five years. It is free to study, and you get a salary during this education program.

School Based (Schulische Ausbildung)

This type of Ausbildung primary takes place at a Vocational school. School-based Ausbildung typically lasts for one to three years. As for the aspects of salary and cost, it will vary depending on your institute and course.

Dual Studies (Duales Studium)

In this form of Ausbildung, you attend universities and work in a company. These periods of university education and company work are divided into blocks. Dual Studies lasts for three years. The cost of this Ausbildung will vary depending on the University and Company.

If you are curious about who can enroll in these Ausbildung programs in Germany along with their requirements and benefits, do check out our work on Who can do Apprenticeship (Ausbildung) in Germany, Its Requirements and Benefits?

What are the benefits of Ausbildung for Unlocking Career Success?

Ausbildung for Unlocking Career Success

Now that we have a good grasp of what an Ausbildung is, let's talk about the benefits of Ausbildung for unlocking career success. The primary benefits are as follows:

Practical Skills Development

Ausbildung puts a strong emphasis on hands-on training. Therefore, as an international student, you can develop relevant skills in your chosen profession and become ready for the job once you graduate.

In-Demand Professions

Ausbildung programs are designed to meet the demands of the job market. Therefore, after graduating from your Ausbildung programs, you can have a competitive advantage in the job market. This is because, in Ausbildung, you can gain relevant skills and build a professional connection with the organization.

Globally Recognized Certification

After completing the Ausbildung program in Germany, you get a globally recognized certificate. This certificate shows that you have the adequate practical and theoretical skills required to join the workforce. Therefore, this certificate is highly valued. It also makes you attractive to prospective employers.

Employment Opportunities

Another major reason Ausbildung helps in your process of unlocking career success is by enhancing your employment opportunities. In Ausbildung, you are often hired by companies you train in. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to enter into employment without much difficulty. Even if you are not hired directly, you can still get higher chances of getting employment. By the time you end the Ausbildung program, you basically have a good amount of experience along with the qualification. Therefore, you can gain a competitive advantage over students from other forms of education.

Work Experience

As mentioned in our earlier point, by the time you graduate from Ausbildung, you already have work experience. During this course, you essentially complete an internship in an organization. This counts as a valid work experience that you can gain while studying. Therefore, you can smoothly transition into employment.

Employability Skills

Ausbildung also focuses on building your employability skills. These skills are beyond your technical and theoretical skills. Therefore, by the time you graduate from Ausbildung, you will already be familiar with the organization structure and know how to act, plan, and develop a positive working mentality. This is a highly valued aspect of an employee. Therefore, it helps you in unlocking career success.

These are just some of the key reasons why Ausbildung helps in unlocking career success.

How to find Ausbildung in Germany?

How to find Ausbildung in Germany

If you want to find the right Ausbildung program in Germany, you need to follow several steps. Some of the key steps are as follows:

  • Start by assessing your interests, strengths, and career goals. Determine the type of career you want to enroll in.
  • Research the various courses and types of Ausbildung in Germany.
  • Understand the requirements for your chosen Ausbildung path.
  • Identify the application period and apply as soon as possible. It generally begins a year in advance.
  • Prepare the necessary documents.
  • Check the websites of companies and organizations to join in during the Ausbildung period.
  • Contact employers.
  • Apply and prepare for interviews.
  • Improve your language proficiency.
  • Seek guidance.

Do note that the process we mentioned here is just a general process. The specifics will vary depending on your choice of Ausbildung.


Germany is undoubtedly a global hub for education and employment. You can enroll in many education courses to start your process of unlocking career success. One such education course is Ausbildung. This education program is the perfect combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Along with this, by enrolling in Ausbildung, you can enhance your chances of getting a step ahead in your career. Furthermore, you can even get a salary while still enrolling in the Ausbildung program as well. Therefore, if you want to unlock the gateway to your career goals, enrolling in the Ausbildung program is one of the best decisions for you.

Regardless, we hope you found this helpful. If you want to learn more about Ausbildung and other aspects of studying in Germany, do check out some of our other blogs. And if you want expert services regarding education in Germany, do visit us at Edu Zeit. Thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on Ausbildung Program

Q: What is the German Ausbildung Program?

A: A German Ausbildung is a vocational training program where you can learn theoretical and practical training at the same time through a structural dual-track approach.

Q: How long does an Ausbildung program typically last?

A: An Ausbildung program typically lasts for one to three years. However, some programs can last up to five years.

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