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We are no longer in the dark age now, we are in the modern era now. And all of this can be credited to science. While there were a few external factors that led us to this era like culture and religion, the major factor is still science - be it physics, biology, chemistry, or any other branches. Science is indeed one of the major ways to progress. But to progress in anything, there needs to be constant research and study. This is where many science Universities of the modern world come into play. Germany is one of the major hubs for education, naturally is one of the best places to study science as well. 

Here we will talk about this very thing, or, to be more specific, study Physics in Germany - one of the major branches of Science. 

Let's start with a small introduction to this prospect!


What is the study of Physics in Germany?


Before we talk about the study of Physics in Germany, we first have to have a clear idea of what "Physics" is. In simple terms, it is the study of properties and the nature of matter along with energy. This means the concept of physics is all about researching and understanding what matter is, what energy is, their different types, their behavioral patterns, and how they affect each other. This includes everything from finding out the properties of matter to discovering states of matter and energy.

Now the study of study in physics revolves around this very concept. It focuses on the study of classical physics, relativistic physics, and quantum physics. The physics course includes research in all of these fields. As for the course at the bachelor level - which is the focus here, it revolves around the study of atoms, condensed matter, optics astrophysics, fluid dynamics, and so on. The bachelor's degree doesn't go too deep as the primary purpose of the study of physics at this level is to familiarize a student with the terms and the general gist of the more complex phenomenons to build a strong base for further education. 

If you study Physics in Germany with diligence, you will have a great prospect of being a lecturer, geophysicist, meteorologist, patent attorney, researcher, or private scientist for the government. Be noted that this course of education is purely based on facts, research data, inference from the available research, and proving them right or wrong. 

Recommended Curriculum to study Physics in Germany:

  • International Physics Studies

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • General Physics

  • General Physics along with an expanded minor in Meteorology

Now with this covered, let's get to know some of the best Universities to Study Physics in Germany. After all, you need a good education environment if you want to make great headway in this field of study.


Best Universities to Study Physics in Germany


Germany, being one of the best education hubs in modern times, is naturally one of the best places to study physics. Along with this, if you know about Germany, then you should know that German culture is one of the best-suited ones for this field. With the German attitude that seeks professionalism and perfection in every aspect, you will have a motivation and a focus-driven environment for your study as well. 

Along with the environment, it also has some of the best universities as well, let's talk about them now. 


1) University of Munich


  • Location: Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 München, Germany

  • Global Ranking : 46

  • National ranking: 1

Being at the top spot in the national university rankings within Germany, it is undoubtedly one of the top education centers. So it is natural to assume that the University of Munich is one of the best places to study physics in Germany. This university is home to some of the best professors, physicists, and lecturers, who are ready to help their students with any issues they may come across during their pursuit of knowledge. But being a professor/lecturer doesn't mean that all they do is teach and guide, they also inspire their students as well.

When this is coupled with a professional and serious atmosphere, healthy competition, and state-of-art technologies, the thus university naturally becomes one of the best places to pursue the truth and study physics in Germany.

As for the fees, it is free to study physics at this university except for the relatively low semester fee. i.e under 400 Euro per semester.


2) Technical University of Munich


  • Location: Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München, Germany

  • Global Ranking: 52 

  • National ranking: 2

Although the Technical University of Munich doesn't rank 1st in the german rankings of its universities, it is close. This should tell you that the Technical University of Munich or TUM as it is sometimes called, is one of the best educational institutions in Germany. But is it one of the best universities to study Physics in Germany? 

Well among many things that this university is known for, physics is one as well. With state of art labs for research, experienced professors and lecturers who are there to guide and inspire their students as well as an environment designed to be peaceful yet competitive, it has the qualifications to be among the best. Along with this, with its research-focused approach to courses like Physics, the Technical University of Munich has the right mindset to become one of the best universities to study physics in Germany.

As for the accommodation, although TUM doesn't have its accommodation facilities, it has several that comes under its management. The fact that this university has research centers dedicated to its own set of niches is just a cherry on top. 


3) Heidelberg University


  • Location: Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 München, Germany

  • Global Ranking : 44

  • National ranking: 3

 Heidelberg University is the oldest university in Germany and it is still standing strong to this day. This just goes to show that this is one of the most trusted universities in Germany. It is easy for a university to shut down if they don't provide good education or have a bad environment in this day and age. But besides being one of the oldest and most trusted universities in Germany, it is also one of the most versatile universities as well. Not only does it have rather good teachers, professors, and lecturers for physics, it has the same quality of education as all of its other sectors of education. 

With state of art research labs, experienced staff, and a calm environment to learn from, Heidelberg University has all the chops to be one of the best universities to study Physics in Germany. But besides this, it is also well known for collaborating with external research organizations and institutes which allows its students to broaden their views and not be a cat in the box. 

As for the fee structure, because it is a public university, you pay semester fees instead of tuition fees which were reported to be less than 150 euros per semester in recent times. So, you get cheap education and state of art research labs supported by rich history and experience at Heidelberg University. With all of these in their bag, it is no wonder why this is one of the best universities to study Physics in Germany. 


4) Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


  • Location: Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin, Germany

  • Global Ranking: 101

  • National ranking: 4

While not as old as Heidelberg University, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin is old enough to be proud of its history and experience. Surviving both the world wars, this university that was established in 1810 is has experienced the industrial revolution - which makes this one of the perfect universities to study physics in Germany. The industrial revolution in Europe was all about discovering and inventions after all. 

This is further backed up by its formidable team of experts who overlook its students. While the students are encouraged to do independent research, the teachers provide a detailed explanation of the history, terms, and procedures for the research and experiments. Because of this culture, the students develop a rather strong base and learn from experience. Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin is also home to some of the best-facilitated research labs in Germany as well further helping their students expand their knowledge and get accurate data for their research as well.

 As a cherry on top, this university is known for its corporate arrangements with over 190 institutions around the world. This not only helps their students to expand their views about the world but also learn from people as well. When one looks at all of these factors, one can easily understand why this is one of the best places to study physics in Germany.


5) Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


  • Location: 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

  • Global Ranking: 131 

  • National ranking: 6

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is one of those few universities that combine the value of both the technical university and research institution seamlessly. And this has led to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology being one of the best universities to study physics in Germany. One of the first things you should note about the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is that it is filled with the latest state-of-the-art technology for in-depth and heavy-duty research. So in essence they have some of the strongest technical prowess among the universities that teach physics in their bachelor's curriculum.

Naturally, to operate and maintain those state of art technologies, they need a whole sleuth of capable manpower as well - which it has in abundance. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is home to some of the best professors, technicians, lecturers, and researchers in Germany. They teach, guide, and provide an ample amount of real-life experience to let their students grow and develop into capable physicists and take science further. 

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology research covers the complete range of research from fundamental to industry-grade levels. Needless to say, it has all the prowess and capabilities to be among the best universities to study physics in Germany. 


6) University of Hamburg


  • Location: 20146 Hamburg, Germany

  • Global Ranking: 125

  • National ranking: 7

Before we begin to know that this university has been granted clusters of excellence for 4 core areas of research which include Advanced Imaging of Matter. As we mentioned before, physics is the study of matters and energy. So this alone should be enough to convince you that it is one of the best places to study physics in Germany.

This university is the largest institution and education in Nothern Germany and is one of the largest ones in Germany as well both in area and education capabilities. With a team of highly motivated professors who are forever ready to provide guidance and highly capable research experts along with an extensive partner network composed of regional, national, and international institutes, it easily has one of the best environments to research, learn, and network well. And the fact that the University of Hamburg does all its research while taking sustainability into account is just a cherry on top.

This university has been deemed as a Flagship University of Germany. So it should not be a surprise that the University of Hamburg is easily one of the best places to study physics in Germany, especially with Physics as its core research sector. 


7) RWTH Aachen University


  • Location: Templergraben 55, 52062 Aachen, Germany

  • Global Ranking: 108

  • National ranking: 8 

Talking about RWTH Aachen University, it is safe to say that this university is driven by curiosity. As an educational institute, RWTH Aachen University expects and encourages all of its members to do their research. Because of this concept and principle, the people attending this university have developed a culture where each individual does their research before they seek guidance. Logically speaking this is the way how science should be done - research, note and ask for a review. 

Due to this education, we can easily say that RWTH Aachen University easily has one of the best environments to study Physics in Germany - or any field of science for that matter. Along with having one of the best environments for this field, RWTH Aachen University is also home to some of the best research facilities in Germany. With the research facilities, qualified professionals know what they are doing, and follow the same college culture as their students. Here, there is no difference between teacher and student besides their post and level of knowledge since both of them are researchers. 

Once you consider this, RWTH Aachen University can easily be considered one of the best universities to study Physics in Germany or any field of science for that matter. 


The Conclusion,


Physics is not an easy subject to study. Not only do you have to remember a ton of information, but you also need to know how to do experiments, research to prove or disprove the validity of the data as well. But if you are at the right place with good leaders and an environment, you will it a bit easier. The ones we mentioned here are just 7 of the best universities to study Physics in Germany. While they are indeed some of the best, we also understand that they may not necessarily be what you need. So if you have any specific needs, we encourage you to do your research. 


If you want to know more about the universities, you can follow this up with the articles linked below. And if you require detailed counseling about education in Germany, contact us by following this link here!


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