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Nursing is a highly coveted job in Germany. Therefore, thousands of people flock to this nation to seek these opportunities. There is a very good reason for this. The nursing profession has a decent average salary, and there is a constant high demand for nurses in Germany. However, although Nursing is a deeply coveted job in Germany, very few people know the exact salary before arriving in this nation. So, the question you may have is, "How much salary can I earn in Germany as a nurse?" 

In this blog, we discuss the average nurse's salary in Germany. Along with this, we also discuss factors affecting the salary and the role of nurses in Germany. 

Average Nurse's Salary in Germany
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According to the German salary comparison website Gehalt.de, the average salary of nurses in Germany ranges between €2,511 and € 3,511 per month. Although the specific salary can extend both below and above this range, on average, around 50% of the nurses involved in nursing earn within this range. Note that this is the average monthly earnings of nurses across Germany. The specifics can vary depending on the organization, position, and region. 

For instance, the salary range for nurses is between €2,419 and €4,133 at Gesundheitsmanagementgesellschaft mbH (GMG) mbH, a subsidiary of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in the North Rhine.

Similarly, the monthly salary range of Nurse / Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger / Krankenschwester is estimated to be €3,561 at International SOS, a world leading medical and security service company branch located at Heilbronn. 

Average Salary of Nurses in Popular German Regions
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Sure, we can. As we mentioned prior, the average salary changes depending on many factors. As per Gehalt.de, the average salary range for nurses based on popular regions of Germany is as follows:

Region  Salary Range Per Month
Berlin € 2,422 - € 3,387
Frankfurt € 2,799  - € 3,914 
Hamburg € 2,591 - € 3,622
Frankfurt am Main € 2,799 - € 3,914
Stuttgart € 2,794  - € 3,907 

From this data, you can see that although the average registered nurse salary in Germany varies depending on region, they do not fluctuate all too much. If you want to know the average salary of other regions in Germany, feel free to check out the linked website. Do note that you will need to translate the website from German to English if you have a hard time reading German. Furthermore, to search for a nursing job in Germany, you will need to type Krankenschwester into the search box instead of "nurse." 

Factors That May Affect The Nurse Salary in Germany
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From the average salary range we showed you, you can already see that the salary of nurses in Germany varies depending on many factors. Some of these factors are as follows:

Education and Qualifications

Education and qualification are among the primary factors that affect nurse salaries in Germany. The education and qualification level directly correlates to the salary range. Nurses with higher education and qualifications have an opportunity to get a salary in the upper range unless the salary is fixed, as in one of our examples. 


Another key factor that affects the salary of nurses is their experience. If a nurse has previous experience, they are likely to get a higher salary. Unless the salary is specified at a set amount, those with higher experience have an opportunity to get the salary mentioned in the upper limit specified. 


Another key aspect you may have noticed from the two examples we mentioned prior is that the salary also depends on the organization. Although the mean salary remains around the same across this field, the specific salary range varies from organization to organization. Depending on which organization you work in, your pay may vary even if you have the same experience and expertise. 


Another key factor affecting the overall salary you get as a nurse in Germany is the location. The more urban the location is, the higher the salary in general. That said, not all urban locations have the same amount of salary either. The specific salary varies from city to city. Therefore, before starting your job as a nurse in Germany, you should look at the salary of the specific city you want to work in. 

Demand and Supply

The demand for nurses is always high in Germany. However, the supply of nurses in Germany is typically high as well. If the demand and supply of nurses in Germany are balanced or if the supply of nurses is higher than that of demand, your average nurse's salary in Germany would be lower. However, if the supply is lower than that of the demand, nurses' salaries in Germany would be higher. 
These are just some of the key factors that affect the average nurse's salary in Germany. Besides the ones mentioned here, there are several other factors that affect the overall salary of nurses in Germany. That said, these factors vary depending on your circumstances. 

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Nursing is one of the key professions in the healthcare industry. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that Germany has a growing market for nurses. That said, some of you may wonder about the average nurse's salary in Germany. So what is the average salary? Well, the specifics vary depending on the experience, expertise, location, and many other such factors. However, the average estimation is somewhere between €2,511 and € 3,511 per month. This salary is roughly between NPR 3,65,908 and NPR 5,07,435, as per the German salary comparison site Gehalt.de by Stepstone.

In this blog, we discussed some of the key factors that affect the average nurse salary in Germany, along with the average salary based on location. We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights into the world of German education and employment, do check out some of our other blogs. If you want guaranteed nursing job placement in Germany, feel free to Contact us at Edu Zeit. Thank you for reading till the end.

FAQs on Nursing Salary in Germany

How much are nurses paid in Germany?

The average salary varies depending on a wide range of factors. That said, the average salary is somewhere between €2,511 and € 3,511 per month

How many hours do nurses work in Germany?

On average, nurses work between 38 and 40 hours per week, split into 7-9 hour shifts. 

Are nurses in demand in Germany?

Yes, nurses are in high demand in Germany, with the expected vacancy to rise to 200,000 by 2030

How much do nurses get paid in Germany?

In Germany, the salary of nurses can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and employer. On average, registered nurses in Germany earn between €2,511 to €3,511 per month. However, this can be higher in urban areas or with additional qualifications or experience.

Is it good to be a nurse in Germany?

Being a nurse in Germany can be rewarding due to the country's excellent healthcare system, job stability, opportunities for career advancement, and competitive salaries. Nurses in Germany are respected professionals and play a crucial role in providing quality healthcare services to the population.

Which nurse is highly paid in Germany?

Specialized nurses, such as nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and nurse managers, tend to earn higher salaries in Germany compared to general registered nurses. Nurses with additional certifications, advanced degrees, or specialized skills often command higher pay.

Do nurses make a lot of money in Germany?

While nurses in Germany can earn competitive salaries, the perception of "a lot of money" is subjective and may vary depending on individual circumstances and expectations. However, nursing in Germany can provide a stable income and a comfortable standard of living.

Which country pays nurses the highest?

Several countries, including Switzerland, the United States, and Germany, pay the highest in Germany. 

Does Germany accept foreign nurses?

Yes, Germany accepts foreign nurses to address shortages in the healthcare workforce. However, foreign nurses must meet certain requirements, including language proficiency (German), recognition of qualifications, and obtaining a visa or work permit. The recognition process typically involves an assessment of education, training, and professional experience to ensure equivalence with German standards

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