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This document clearly outlines the rules and regulations to be followed by all users while accessing our website EDU ZEIT located at Using our website will indicate you agree with all the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. We highly encourage you to stop using or accessing our website if users find any difficulty accepting our rules at any point. Keep in mind the following mentioned rules and regulations will be applied to all the users who open this website. Continuing to our website will indicate you are entitled to our rules.
You might find the following terminologies in our Terms and Conditions like ‘Client’, ‘You’ & ‘Your’ refers to all of you, the people visiting our website and using our services, the terms like ‘Us’, ‘We’ & ‘Our’ refers to our company – EDU ZEIT accessible at If you find the terms ‘Party’ mentioned, it represents the client and the company combined. For your information, these above-mentioned terminologies in plural, singular, or capitalization can be taken interchangeably thus referred to as the same. 

Terms and Conditions

Age of Applicant

  • Applicant must be of 17 years of age or more to qualify for independent application.

  • Proof of age will be provided at the time of registration.

  • If the said person is younger than 17 years, then s/he will need to bring his/her guardian to consult with the administration department of Eduziet.



  • You can consult our office on the 3rd Floor Kusum Ganga Complex, Himalayan Bank Building, Madan Bhandari Marg, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu during office hours.

  • If the registered personnel knows German or has a language certificate that was not authorized by Goethe Institute and Eduziet, we are obliged to conduct a placement test.

  • This condition comes into effect if the language certificate has crossed 8 months from it’s issue date, even if the said certificate was issued by Edu Zeit since language skills can degrade over time if not practiced frequently.

  • The applicant should comply with the fee structure discussed at the time of registration. Applicants can check the current fee structure in


  • The applicant can ask for the current fee structure at the front desk of Edu Zeit

  • The said fee structure will not include the charges for additional educational materials such as educational books and CDs.

  • The sole exception for this case is when the fee structure is specifically discussed with the applicant to include the cost of external educational materials.

  • Applicants are responsible for any bank charges subjected to the payment of the course fee.

  • The discussed fee of the applicant can be paid via bank transfer, cash on hand, mobile banking, or via e-wallets like Khalti.

  • The applicants may lose all the rights to continue with their course if the discussed payment is not received at their respective due date.

  • Applicants may not pay in installments, i.e. all the payments should be in lump sum amount unless discussed otherwise.

  • The applicants may cancel at their convenience. However, they will be required to pay compensation of:

    • 10% if canceled before the start of the course

    • 100% if canceled after the course starts

  • Applicants are expected to complete the process of cancellation formally, i.e. through official email or letter. The cancellation letter should be deposited at the front desk of Edu Zeit.

  • With cancellation done under unforeseen circumstances, i.e. sickness, injury, severe trauma, or other similar circumstances, the applicants will be refunded 90% of the course fee, where 10% is deducted as an administrative fee.

  • Such cancellation must be done formally, via an official letter or an email with proof of crisis to be reviewed by the board members of Edu Zeit before approval.

  • In the rare occurrence of the course not reaching the minimum number of required applicants, Edu Zeit has the complete right to cancel the course. In such circumstances, the applicants will receive full refunds.

Exams Preparation for Goethe
  • Applicants are required to take an examination at the end of each course at Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu. Prior to Examination, preparation class is needed to get updated.
  • The Examination of the applicant is registered separately from their General Registration.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances like illness, injury, or trauma, the applicant will receive another opportunity to sit in the said exam at the nearest likely date. However, this will be a onetime opportunity.
  • The applicant is expected to provide compelling proof of inability for a second chance at the exam if s/he cannot make it at the initial date. If s/he is unable to produce compelling proof, then Edu Zeit has full authority to terminate the qualifications of the participant to sit in the preparation Class.
  • Applicants are required to have an attendance of 70% in every class to receive the certification of participation. This, however, is not adequate to function as a language certificate for German Authorities.

  • Should the classes be canceled because of any unforeseen circumstances, Edu Zeit will be fully responsible for scheduling the next classes.

Online Classes
  • The applicants are expected to manage their own devices and network services to attend the online classes. 

  • Those who are registered for online classes or are attending one will not be shifted to physical classes under any circumstances.

  • To relieve the certificate of participation, the applicants are expected to attend 70% of the live classes and complete 70% of all the assignments given. The said certificate will not function as a language certificate for the German Authorities.

  • The payment method and terms will remain consistent, as discussed in our terms and conditions for payment.

  • Edu Zeit will only be taken liable for negligence from our side.

  • There will be no liability taken by the organization if the course is canceled under unforeseen and severe circumstances. These circumstances include the likes of the pandemic, natural disasters, fire, war, prohibition rules by the government, decree, and other rules that lie beyond the control of Edu Zeit.

Validity of Terms and Conditions
  • These terms and conditions are valid as long as it is displayed on the website. Should there be any changes or the current set be replaced by an updated version on the website, it will no longer be valid. This set of terms and conditions also invalidates previous ones displayed on this website as well.



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Unless otherwise stated, EDU ZEIT and/or its licensors own all the intellectual property rights for all documents, contents, and material available and used, on this website - As per our policy, all intellectual property rights are reserved and protected, so cannot be duplicated or re-used on another website. You may, however, access all of our contents available on EDU ZEIT for your own personal use or filing forms. But like we mentioned, renting, republishing, illegal selling of our materials, contents, or products, without our knowledge, is completely banned.
Likewise, renting, republishing, illegal selling of our materials, contents, or products can and will surely land you in a legal dispute. Having said that, we also do not support any sorts of vulgarity or racist comments made on our website. We are within our rights to delete those comments and take legal actions against the culprit. Users will be responsible for all emotional damages caused to other individuals through inappropriate comments. However, every user has the right to post or say whatever they feel as long as it doesn’t violate our terms and conditions.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The following organizations have access to a link to our Website with or without our prior written approval: 

  • Government agencies 

  • Search engines 

  • News organizations 

  • Online directory suppliers

  • We will, however, investigate and approve/disapprove other link requests coming from organizations like:

  • community sites

  • Associations or other groups representing charities and funds

  • Online directory distributors ODD

  • Internet portals

  • Law, Accounting, and consulting firms

  • Educational institutions and trade associations.

Removal of links from our site

We continuously check and immediately remove any links that violate our policy in any way. Likewise, for any links that we deem spam or harmful, we remove them without any notice. It is very advisable to contact us prior to linking your contents/materials to our website. 


Without our prior consent or formal approval through the meeting, you, in any way, cannot create any types of frames around our Webpages that might or mightn’t alter the visual appearance of our Website.


We exclude all warranties, representations, and conditions relating to our website – EDU ZEIT and the use of this website, to the maximum extent lawfully permitted by the law of the Government of Nepal.


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