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We are Edu Zeit; one of the Best German Education Consultancies in Nepal, and are here to bridge our two nations via education. We counsel students of every field to achieve their potential and get selected in the top universities of Germany to get free education. With our experienced experts who are well versed in life in Germany and our connections with education centers and travel agencies, we have the power to make your dream come true. We are Edu Zeit, here to fulfill your foreign education dream in Germany. 

Edu Zeit disseminates factual information to every student so that it could be helpful for them before, during, and after their stay in Germany as students, trainees, Au Pair, and so forth. We have a list of multiple high-rank universities where students can easily get free education with some effort; with our council and training, students can reach that goal without any hassle. 

Germany is one of the best education destinations globally and is a dream of many Nepalese Students. However, going there is easier said than done. We ensure that this dream gets fulfilled with convenience and trust.  

What Does Edu Zeit do?

As one of the best German Education Consultancies in Nepal, Edu Zeit ensures that anyone connected with us reaches their destination smoothly and safely. To do this, we handle documentation, Visa, Accommodation, and Travel. Along with this, we at Edu Zeit understand that there is a perfect university for every student. Therefore, we understand your wants and needs to provide you with the Best University in Germany.

However, not everybody is prepared for life in Germany. Edu Zeit understands this as well. This is why we provide language classes, preparation classes for interviews, and life in Germany, in General, to ensure that you will not face any difficulties in your new life. We understand that living in an unknown place can be scary, but Edu Zeit is here for you!

Our Services Includes:

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; To be "The" Best German Education Consultancy in Nepal. Although we have become among the best, we are not satisfied yet. By providing the best education consultancy services in Nepal, practical guidance, excellent courses, and seamless travel and accommodation services, all while maintaining transparency, we can fulfill our mission in the near future! 

Edu Zeit’s mission:

  • Provide the Best travel, accommodation, and Visa students to those who wish to study in Germany
  • Become the best guide for your life in Germany through efficient and practical guidance 
  • Give you practical and effective language courses that will enable you to converse seamlessly in German
  • Deliver world-class educational service through our partnership with multiple German Universities

Our Vision

Edu Zeit envisions becoming a bridge between Germany and Nepal through education. We have a vision of connecting the two worlds and building trust through quality transparent services. The good news is Edu Zeit has taken the first few steps in this endeavor. We can achieve our vision through our friendly and mutually beneficial relationships with many German Universities, Travel Agencies, and Accommodation Agencies in Germany. However, this is just the start. 

By relying on our core values and continuing to be the best at what we do, we believe that we do more than what we envision. Sure, fulfilling our vision will take some time; however, we strive forward with commitment and confidence.

Core Values/ Principles

As professionals, Edu Zeit is built around a few core values. These values and principles act as our guide and have helped us become who we are. The core value of Edu Zeit is all about being transparent, providing genuine services, working without any form of biases, and striving to serve. 

Some core values and principles of Edu Zeit:

  • Practice genuine work ethics and follow professionalism.

  • Provide accurate, advanced, and legal information ethically.

  • Develop a transparent relationship with the students and ensure it with written agreements.

  • Protect the interest of students from every field

  • Continuously keep up to date and provide the latest and most fruitful information so that students can make the best choices while going abroad.

Why Choose Edu Zeit?

Is there anything special about Edu Zeit? Yes, there is! We are the only Education Consultancy in Nepal that highly specializes in education in Germany. Because of this, Edu Zeit is highly optimized and is the prime example of a "Jack of few trades, Master of one!"

Here are a few more reasons to choose Edu Zeit!

German Education Specialist

We are one of the only consultants specially focused on students pursuing their careers in Germany and specialized in fulfilling students' dreams to master the German language. 

Professional consultants

We, at EDU ZEIT, have professional and highly trained consultants having top-class services and staff members whose primary focus is to give the best education and experience to our students. Our team teaches students and makes sure they get the placement in top German universities in time and can study free of cost.

Years of Experience

Staff and teachers in EDU ZEIT have a decade of experience teaching and consulting with tons of students from Nepal. We have ensured better universities for students with better training facilities and test preparation over the years. And we are only evolving. 

Centrally located

Located in the heart of Kathmandu, at New Baneshwor, students from all parts of Kathmandu and Lalitpur can easily reach us within minutes and learn with us in a peaceful environment. With access to the library and other facilities, students shouldn't learn fast. 

Top Quality German Language Courses 

EDU ZEIT provides unparalleled, intensive, and quality German courses to students to ensure a better life in Germany. Whether exam preparation, book selection, A1 course, A2 course, or highly intensive B1 course, our professionals are equipped with enough tools and knowledge to push you to your limits. Our tests are always competitive and highly productive; with enough practice time, students will get hold of the German language in no time.

We are the best at what we do, and what we do is provide education consultancy services to Germany in Nepal.

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