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One of the key things you should do when preparing to study in Germany is find accommodation. The good news is that you can make this process easier with the right education consultancy like Edu Zeit. That said, you first need to understand the types of accommodation, the cost of accommodation, and how to find the right accommodation before making the decision. Furthermore, we also explain how we help you find the right accommodation in Germany for students

Accommodations Types in Germany for Students

One of the first things you encounter when deciding where to find accommodation is its type. There are four main types of accommodation in Germany for international students from Nepal. They are as follows:

Student Residences (Studentwohnheim)

Student residences are some of the most affordable accommodations in Germany for international students from Nepal. This form of residence is a type of shared accommodation that is specifically designed for students. As an international student from Nepal, you live in a building with other students and may use the same bathroom and kitchen. 

While the specifics of the student residency differ from one city to another, they are affordable regardless of which city you reside in. 

If you want to find accommodation in the student's hall, you must apply as soon as you receive the acceptance letter. This is because it is a rather competitive form of accommodation. You can contact the university's international office of local student services to find accommodation in the student's hall. 

Flatshares (WG)

Also known as Wohngemeinschaft, flat share is another common form of accommodation for students in Germany. In this accommodation, you share a single flat with multiple other students. Each flatmate typically has their own room with a shared kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Furthermore, you also split the rent evenly with other flatmates along with other shared costs. 

If you wish to find Wohngemeinschaft / WG in Germany, you must thoroughly research the available flats. You can use various online search portals or university notice boards for this. Furthermore, you may ask other students if they have a room available in their flats if you have already made friends. 

Private Accommodation 

Private accommodation is a housing option where you can have plenty of privacy as you live on your own. You can rent a house or a flat privately as your own place for a specified duration. However, this is one of the most expensive accommodations for students in Germany. As you live on your own, you will have to bear the brunt of all the bills. To find private accommodation, you can check various online forums. 

Short Stay Accommodation

Short-stay accommodation is not valid for a long duration of education. This form of accommodation comes in a wide variety. Some of these are as follows:

  • Overnight stay
  • Room in a hostel in Germany for Students
  • Room in a shared hostel in Germany for Students
  • Private Bed and Breakfast service

Depending on your choice of accommodation, the cost can be either cheap or expensive. 

Cost Of Student Accommodation Service in Germany

German accommodation costs vary depending on the location and type of accommodation. That said, while looking for accommodation you need to pay attention to specific terms such as Kalamite (KM), Nebenkonsten (NK), Warmmiete (WM) and Kaution (KT). These terms affect the overall cost of student accommodation.

KM, or Cold rent refers to the part of the rent that only covers the use of the space. The rent is calculated on the basis of the price per square metre. 

Nebenkosten (NK), commonly known as additional costs, are the prices that are charged monthly at a flat rate depending on the cold and hot operating costs. Cold operating costs including aspects such as garbage collection, insurance, etc. are allocated to the tenants of the house according to a certain distribution key. The hot operating costs such as heating and hot water, are calculated according to consumption.

Warmmiete (WM), or warm rent are calculated by adding cold rent and costs that you get through direct use of the property. This includes costs such as utilities, maintenance, insurance, taxes, and property management fees.

Kaution (KT), or deposit is the rental deposit that you have to pay at the beginning of the tenancy. Do note that as per the law, the rental deposits should not exceed three months' rent, excluding advance payments for operating costs or heating costs. Although we cannot estimate the exact cost of student accommodation in Germany, we can provide you with an average cost. They are as follows:

  • Residence Hall Rooms: €267
  • Flatshares/ Shared Apartments: €238 to €494
  • Private Bedroom Apartment: €475

Therefore, the cost can range from €267 to €475 per month per student as per

How to Find Accommodation in Germany?

There are many ways you can find accommodation. As an international student from Nepal, some of the ways on how you can find accommodation are as follows:

Students Union

Every German city has a local student union. They are typically in charge of dealing with the residence hall application process. Therefore, you can contact the local student union to find accommodation in a residence hall. 

International Office University and Notice Boards

Another common way you can find accommodation as an international student is through the international office and its notice boards. 

Online Accommodation Portals

This is a rather popular form of finding accommodation in Germany through online accommodation portals. You can browse the options listed and select the ones that fit your needs. Furthermore, some platforms also support paperwork like lease agreements and rent. Some of the top online accommodation portals include the following:

  • Amber Student
  • UniPlaces
  • Nido Student
  • Housing Anywhere

Things to Consider When Finding Accommodation in Germany

There are many things you should consider when moving to Germany. As a first-timer, you can easily be confused. Therefore, we have some tips to help you find accommodation. These tips are as follows:

  • Start finding accommodation as soon as you receive your university acceptance letter. This will give you adequate time to research and find the perfect accommodation. 
  • Ask for help from friends and acquaintances if they have more experience than you. 
  • Do not pay any money without signing a contract. Read the contract carefully before signing it. 
  • Always see if there are additional charges, as they typically only cover the cost of accommodation; they do not cover charges for internet, utilities, building maintenance, and administration.
  • Be sure to understand the payment start date and negotiate even if necessary.

How do we Help With Finding Accommodation in Germany?

If you require complete guidance and services on finding accommodation in Germany, we can help you throughout the entire process. Some of the services we offer regarding accommodation include the following:

Information and Guidance

We provide information regarding various types of accommodation available in Germany. Furthermore, we also provide you with detailed guidance regarding how to find the said accommodation. 

Budget Considerations

At Edu Zeit, we also help in determining a suitable budget for accommodation based on your budget and financial status. 

Application Support

We also help you navigate through the application process and options. During this process, we provide guidance on the required application deadlines and fulfil any other specific criteria the landlords or housing providers set.

Assistance in Lease Negotiations

We also help review lease agreements to ensure they are fair and favourable to you. This includes clarifying any issues associated with terms, conditions, and any additional costs. 

Pre-Arrival Support

We also assist you in securing accommodation before your arrival in Germany. We ensure that you have a place to stay as soon as you arrive. 

At Edu Zeit, we understand that finding accommodation is integral to studying in Germany. Therefore, we provide expert services regarding your education and accommodation. If you require further details or an expert accommodation-finding service, please contact us at Edu Zeit, a German language consultancy in Nepal.

FAQ's on Accommodation in Germany

What are accommodation services?

Accommodation services refer to the assistance and support provided to international students through institutes and organizations. These services are designed to give students a place to stay when studying in Germany. 

How do I start my search for accommodation in Germany?

You can start searching for accommodation by browsing through online portals, contacting your education consultancy, or applying for a university residence hall. 

What are the common types of accommodation in Germany for students?

The common types of accommodation include the following:

  • Student Residences 
  • Flat Shares
  • Private Accommodation 
  • Short-Stay Accommodation

Should I look for accommodation before arriving in Germany?

Yes, starting your search early and securing accommodation before arriving is advisable. This ensures a smoother transition and avoids temporary housing challenges.
What documents are typically required when applying for accommodation?
Common documents include:

  • Proof of enrollment.
  • Proof of financial means.
  • Passport or ID.
  • Sometimes, a rental application form.


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