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Many people have lots of doubts after the completion of a bachelor’s degree. Some want to get a job immediately while others seek to accomplish their master's degree. If you are one of those wanting to pursue your master’s degree abroad and Germany is one of your destinations, we can make it happen for you. Germany has become one of the best European countries to provide top-notch tuition-free education, not only to the Germans but also to tons of international students. Compared to countries like Australia and Canada where students have to pay up to 20,000 dollars each year, students get education in Germany for as low as 350 euros per semester. Now it’s your turn to grab this golden opportunity and get a quality education in Germany.
Numerous German taught Master’s programs are available in Germany in both Public and Private Universities. Usually, the public universities provide tuition-free education – which means you just have to pay around 250 euros per semester that includes your transportation cost and admission fees. Of course, students have to focus on their education and justify the facilities they get from universities. The private universities, however, could be expensive as you also need to pay for tuition fees every semester, which would be free in public universities. Whatever the case, the price is not that expensive compared to other European and North American universities. Students usually apply to private universities for English medium education.

Whether you want to apply for Engineering, IT, Medicine, Germany is the best choice to pick for quality and top-notch education. When you are applying for a Master's, you should have a decent grade on your bachelor's which would allow you to apply directly for top universities. Besides your educational qualification, you should also have a decent knowledge of the German language too, after all, you would be learning your masters in German. The least requirement is the B1 level of the German language which should be enough for you to apply for German taught universities. Very few universities might ask for a B2 level depending upon the courses you choose, but for most universities, a B1 level is more than enough.   

Programs available for Masters:

  • Global MBA

  • MSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business

  • MSc Leadership for Digital Transformation

  • MSc International Business Management

  • MSc International Business Management

  • MSc Strategic Business Management

  • MSc Leadership and HR Management

  • MSc Marketing Management

  • MSc Project Management

  • MSc Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship

  • And many more…

Don’t worry if you haven’t taken any German language classes because we will help you through every step. We will guide you professionally with the help of our German Language Experts and help you score well in A1, A2, and B1 levels. We will talk you through every step from choosing the right universities, to scoring well in the German language exam, to helping with your student visa process, to ensuring post-graduation job opportunities. 

If we take data from DAAD, the average monthly cost of living in Germany are as follows:

  • €168 for food

  • €42 for clothes

  • €94 for transportation 

  • €31 for internet, telephone, and TV package

  • €20 for study materials and work materials 

  • €61 for recreational activities

  • €100-120 for Health insurance 

If you are curious to learn more about Germany, Then it’s time you call us at 9801178937 or E-mail your academic certificates to or we will guide you throughout the process.