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Intensive A1

Intensive A1 is the starting phase of the German language, with 12 classes per week, plus assignments, students will feel no pressure but enjoy our way of teaching. Within 45 days, you will adapt really well to the language and A1 certification for the German language is not far from you. With highly qualified and professional teachers, you will find no difficulty learning basic German in no time. Though A1 is the most basic level, our experienced teachers will guide you thoroughly to make you understand in detail. Our classes are held in German from the get-go, so, you will learn very quickly and smartly.

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Intensive A2

After the completion of A1, students can move to the A2 level which is a slightly more advanced level for students. Students after securing at least 80% marks in the A1 level can move to the A2 level. Within the study period of 45 days, we make sure students get quality reading, listening, writing, speaking, and visual sessions. Our teachers are certified and well experienced to guide students on the right track to achieve their goals. We not only focus on theoretical teaching but provide enough visual sessions to help students understand German more conveniently.

We have a very peaceful environment that encourages students to focus on their studies and get fruitful results. Our teachers always follow a creative approach while teaching which inspires students to work hard and dedicate more time to studying. Within 45 days students will learn more advanced and slightly tricky German language than A1 level. 

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Intensive B1

Students, after the completion of A2 level, go for B1 level, which is of course the advanced and more skilled level of the German language. Most universities in Germany ask for at least a B1 level, so undoubtedly, B1 can be the ultimate test for students to get admission to Germany. The B1 level is designed for independent, young, and adult students aiming for Bachelor’s and Masters's degrees in Germany.

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Intensive B2

Although the B1 and B2 levels of the German Language course both fall under intermediate levels of German Language, you will learn more at the B2 level. If you have aced the B1 Language level course, you should understand general German conversations fluently. This simply means that you need prior knowledge and should have taken some form of course before. The courses before this can be intensive German courses or regular ones. 

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