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Numerous English taught Master’s programs are available in Germany mostly in Private Universities. Although these courses are available in some Public Universities, the majority of them are taught in Private Universities. Most popular and top Public universities are mainly focused on the German medium. 

However, few newer and smaller public universities offer Master’s degrees in the English medium. When students apply for Private universities, they have to pay a certain amount of tuition fees which could reach up to 40,000 euros for a whole master’s Degree, which is quite expensive compared to 300 euros per semester in Public German universities.  

Are you interested in any masters in Germany? We will find the perfect university for you! As long as you meet the requirements and can afford to study in Germany, we will make your dream come true!

The Requirements

You need to have a decent score in IELTS or TOEFL and a good grade in a bachelor's degree from a German Recognized University. Besides this, you can also study Masters programs in Germany if you graduate with a bachelor's in Germany either from English Taught Bachelor Programs In Germany or German Taught Bachelor Programs In Germany

Programs Offered

Although you do get a few ranges of choice if you want to study English taught Masters in Germany, there is still a wide range of courses you can pick from. These courses range from STEM fields to Environmental and study of Business Administration and Environmental Sciences. 

Some of the programs you can choose in Masters in Germany in English are:

1) Management Consulting 

This is a course that deals with understanding the global consulting industry. You will learn how it works, the primary players in this industry and the key factors to your success in this industry to start your own successful consulting business. 

2) MSc International Marketing

If you want to be a marketing expert, MSc International Marketing is Germany's Graduate course for you. This course will equip you with all the necessary skills, including but not limited to contemporary marketing and negotiating skills, along with the necessary knowledge of the Global economy.  

3) MSc Cyber Security and Data Governance

This course is meant for those involved in cyber security. We understand that there is some course that is just simpler in English. Therefore, Edu Zeit finds the best university for you to study MSc Cyber Security and Data Governance in Germany. This course provides you with all the core knowledge to find and face hidden cyber threats within the world wide web and the digital world. 

4) Master of Medicine(MMed)

This is a postgraduate professional clinical degree that is meant to ensure that you are highly competent in clinical subdisciplines that includes:

  • Biomedicine degrees   

  • Public Health degrees   

  • Human Medicine degrees   

  • Veterinary Medicine degrees   

  • Nutrition & Dietetics degrees   

You will also be eligible to study for a four-year Ph.D. if you manage to ace this course, making MMed one of the best Masters programs in Germany for those pursuing Medicine. 

5) Masters in Civil Engineering

A Master in Civil Engineering is not a single course but an umbrella for all the master's degrees related to Civil Engineering. Depending on the University you pick, you may have the opportunity to choose to specialize in different disciplines of Civil Engineering, such as:

  • Environmental.

  • Geomatics.

  • Geotechnical.

  • Hydraulics and Hydrology.

  • Materials.

  • Structural.

  • Transportation.

  • Infrastructure Systems.

By completing a Masters of Civil Engineering degree in Germany, you would be qualified to be a specialist in securing Naturally built Environments, including Bridges and Canals. 

6) Environmental Science and Ecology

Environment safety is one of the major concerns in modern times, and one of the primary ways to save the environment is to understand the details first. By studying Masters of Environmental Science and Ecology in Germany, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and expertise to work on a wide range of environmental and ecological conservation projects for a better future. 

Besides this, you can also study a Masters program in Germany if you choose the following subjects. 

Other English-taught Master’s programs available

  • MSc Corporate Financial Management

  • MSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business

  • International Trade

  • International tourism Management 

  • International Business

And more…

Many people choose English speaking countries like Australia, Canada, and the USA, of course, because of the English language. But in Germany also, students have the opportunity to study in the English medium. You can apply for Engineering, IT, Medicine, Management, and many other courses you can study in English. 

This might be good news for students who do not have good German Knowledge because all you need is a good grade in IELTS. German A1 or A2 level is not compulsory for students applying for master's. However, decent Knowledge of the A1 level could always be a plus point in communicating with other German students.

Some Universities for Masters in Germany in English 

Although you have a limited range of subjects when studying Masters in Germany, you still have a lot to choose from. Along with this, there are a decent number of Universities that offer English-taught Masters programs in Germany. 

Some of the best Universities for Masters in Germany in English are:

1) Technical University of Munich (Technische Universität München)

Location: Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München, Germany

Type of University: Public

The Technical University of Munich or Technische Universität München is the best in Germany, be it rankings or education. So, it offers an English-taught master's program as well. Besides this, since this is a Public University, you can study at this university at a cheap price.. 

That said, some of the English taught master's programs in Technische Universität München are:

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Biomedical Computing

  • Biomedical Neuroscience

  • Communications Engineering

  • Computational Mechanics

  • Computational Science and Engineering

  • Consumer Science

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Green Electronics 

  • Industrial Chemistry

  • Mathematics in Data Science 

And more.

2) Jacobs University Bremen

Location: Bremen, State of Bremen, Germany

Type of University: Private

This is a private English language university that offers the highest education standards with state-of-the-art research facilities and teaching through experienced and knowledgeable teachers. 

Although this university is not as well known as the LMU, it is still one of the best German universities, with the rank of 501 in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education in 2022. 

Some of the English Taught Masters in Jacobs University Bremen are:

  • Data Engineering

  • Supply Chain Management

  • International Relations: Global Governance and Social Theory

  • Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM)

  • Mathematics

  • Computer Science (CS)

  • Electrical and Computer (ECE)

  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems (RIS)

  • Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BCCB) 

  • Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (MCCB)

  • Earth and Environmental Science (EES)

  • Physics

  • Global Economics and Management (GEM)

  • International Business Administration (IBA)

 And more! 

3) Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU)

Location: Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 München, Germany

Type of University: Public 

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is one of the best German universities, with more than five centuries of history. As such, this is a university filled with both History and experiences. With state-of-the-art research facilities and a staff filled with expertise, you will find the best environment for education at this Public University. 

You can find the following English taught master's courses in Germany at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU):

  • Environment and Society

  • Geobiology and Palaeobiology

  • Geology

  • Data Science

  • Logic and Philosophy of Science

  • American History, Culture, and Society

  • Insurance

  • Astrophysics

  • Biochemistry

  • English Studies

  • Financial and Insurance Mathematics

  • Meteorology

  • Physics

And more. 

4) Hertie School of Governance

Location: Friedrichstraße 180, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Type of University: Private

Hertie School of Governance is another one of those few English Exclusive universities in Germany. Being an exclusive English university, you can find a lot of English-taught master's courses at this university. 

Although it is not as high ranked as the previous ones on this list, Hertie School of Governance is still 117th Best University in Germany. Considering the numerous education institutes in Germany, it is a decent rank. Going back to the master's courses, English taught masters courses you can study at this Hertie School of Governance University are:

  • Exclusive Masters of Public Administration

  • Masters of International Affairs

  • Masters in Public Policy

  • Data Science for Public Policy

Here is among those few universities with extremely few educational programs but with an excellent educational record. 

Fees for English Taught Masters in Germany

If you are familiar with Education in Germany, you would probably guess that the fee for English Taught Masters in Germany depends on the type of University. 

The fee structure for English taught masters programs in Germany can be primarily categorized into three types. They are:

English Taught Masters in German Public Universities without fees

English Taught Masters in Germany without fees is similar to any other German Masters Course. The fee structure doesn’t change from an ordinary German Course. You do not need to pay extra for the education fees. 

However, you need to pay an average of 100 to 3000 euros per semester as semester fee. The semester fees will vary depending on the University. 

English Taught Masters in German Public Universities with Fees

Public universities generally do not charge education fees. However, in some public universities, English taught German courses are added because of the rise in student demands. Under such circumstances, they take additional fees for the master' course in English. 

 You might need to pay an average price of 5000 euros per semester as semester fee. 

Although this is more expensive than the regular English taught masters at public universities, this system does provide much-needed English taught courses in universities that do not have them at a lower price when compared to private universities.

English Taught Masters in Private Universities with Fees

Since Private universities charge you regardless of the course, studying English taught masters in private universities with fees is simply the norm. Like other programs, you may need to pay above 10,000 euros per semester depending on your course as your education fees.

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