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Intensive B1

Students, after the completion of A2 level, go for B1 level, which is of course the advanced and more skilled level of the German language. Most universities in Germany ask for at least a B1 level, so undoubtedly, B1 can be the ultimate test for students to get admission to Germany. The B1 level is designed for independent, young, and adult students aiming for Bachelor’s and Masters's degrees in Germany.

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Students after securing at least 80% marks in A1 and A2 levels can qualify to study B1 level. B1 is the toughest and takes 2 months to complete so, students have lots of time to learn more advanced and essential sentences. During the 2 months period, students will get enough reading, writing, speaking, listening, and visual sessions to guarantee they are well prepared when they reach Germany. We make sure these sessions will not only improve their skills but also add confidence to them before taking the final exam.

With the start of this German Language Course, you will finally no longer be a beginner. By going through this Course at Edu Zeit, you will be able to have transparent conversations about familiar topics such as your daily life and your work life in Germany

The primary focus of this B1 Level German course will be to increase your fluency in the German Language. Another goal of this course is to provide you with a higher level of familiarity with the German context and make your life in Germany as an International student easier. 

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Have fluent conversations with German regarding regular topics

  • Feel comfortable under non-formal situations 

  • Talk about experiences and events

  • Express abstract such as vision and dreams clearly

It would not be an exaggeration to say that by completing the B1 Level German Language course, you will be able to understand German more deeply.

The B1 level of the German Language course is divided into two parts for improved efficiency.


As you can expect, since the B1 level is an intermediate level, the Course is deep and comprehensive. At this level, you will need to learn the practical implementation of everything you have learned in the past and some more. The Course will naturally be more expansive and comprehensive than in the past. 

If A level of Language was the foundation, B1.1 is like stepping a step into the practical implementation of the previous intensive Course. 

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand and express advertising

  • Recall the past in an artistic way

  • Display proper manners and expressions

  • Solve problems verbally 

This Intensive Course consists of:

  • Time and activities

  • Punctuality

  • Leisure time: Museums

  • Leisure time: Fine arts

  • Vocations

  • Problems at work

  • Arranging appointments

  • Manners in business life

  • Reading

  • Past and childhood

  • Media

  • Advertising

  • The complaint

  • The past tenses

  • Verbs and  Prepositions

  • Interrogative particles

  • Modal verbs, brauchen and "zu"

  • Polite requests, wishes, and past

  • Verbs, along with dative and accusative

  • N – Declination

  • Indicators of time

  • Adverbs of time

  • Reflexive verbs

  • The passive

  • Adjectives

  • The genitive

  • Relative clauses

Besides these, Edu Zeit will teach you how to use the context of the Course in everyday life as well. This will be taught based on the current context of Germany. Therefore, no course will be the same!


Although B1.2 is within the lower intermediate levels of the Intensive German Course, you will explore the surface of Abstract expressions more. This includes expressions of vague feelings such as love, happiness, etc.

Besides this, B1.2 also teaches you how to state your conditions. 

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Express emotions better

  • Analyze and provide a solution to problems in Fluent general German

  • Think in Basic German

  • Be fluent in expressing and understanding semi-profound topics. 

To produce such results, the Course is deep as well. It comprises:

  • Language learning

  • Lifelong learning

  • Special learning tips

  • School, certificates, and grades

  • Traffic problems

  • Means of transport

  • Expressing Common Emotions 

  • Qualities

  • Invitations and good wishes

  • Indicators of conditionals

  • Final clauses

  • Nouns, Verb, Connectors

  • Past tenses

  • Time clauses

  • Prepositions

  • Adjectives and Prepositions

  • Enumerations

  • Causes & consequences

The B1.2 Course will end with your german knowledge being adequate for German universities' education. Your range will still be limited to German courses taught in the English Language, but you can attempt for German course once your language skills improve. 

In summary, the B2 Course includes:

B1 Level German Course Overview

B1 Level German Course

Beginner level 

Total Number of Courses

80 Courses

Two B1 level courses of set

B1.1 and B1.2

Teaching Units


Course Duration

4 - 5 Weeks

Eligibility Criteria to enroll in B1 Level German Course

  • Student Must be over 16 years

  • Students must have completed over 500 hours of A2 Language course

  • 80% marks in all of the previous courses i.e., A1 and A2

Placement tests would be taken if students have not taken classes at Edu Zeit.


  • Reading which lasts roughly 65 minutes

  • Listening Exam of around 40 Minutes

  • Writing Exam lasting 60 Minutes

  • Speaking (can be done in Pairs or individual) with 15 minutes per person


If your language comprehension skills are high, you could take some courses in the German Language even with a B1 level. However, unless you are extremely confident with your language skills, we recommend you only make the attempt of expanding your studies in Germany after completing the B2 level of Intensive German course

This level is good for general life in Germany and your education in the Best Universities in Germany, as long as you choose an English taught Course.

If you want further details and guidance about the German language course, feel free to Contact us. We will be here to help you during your endeavors.

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