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Intensive A1

Intensive A1 is the starting phase of the German language, with 12 classes per week, plus assignments, students will feel no pressure but enjoy our way of teaching. Within 45 days, you will adapt really well to the language and A1 certification for the German language is not far from you. With highly qualified and professional teachers, you will find no difficulty learning basic German in no time. Though A1 is the most basic level, our experienced teachers will guide you thoroughly to make you understand in detail. Our classes are held in German from the get-go, so, you will learn very quickly and smartly.

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A is the first letter in the English Alphabet, and although this is just a single letter, it can mean either beginning or reaching the top. In terms of Language Levels, A signifies the start. 

Intensive A1 is the German course level where you begin your journey, and this language level is also known as the beginner level. The reason for that is quite simple - here you will only learn the basics of the German Language. The primary goal of this A-level German Language Course is not to make you fluent in Deutsch (German Language). Instead, this level is here to familiarize you with this Language and build your foundation for upper course levels. 

If you are interested in taking A levels of German Language, do let us know. Edu Zeit will provide you with the best resources and top German experts to help you understand Deutsh like your native one. 

By the end of this course at Edu Zeit, you should be able to:

  • Understand everyday expressions and simple sentences

  • Express general Facts about yourself

Although the goal of A level German Course is simple, it is not an easy task to learn a new language once you have reached a certain age. Therefore, this level is divided into two parts to make learning effective. 


A1.1 is all about building your German vocabulary and familiarizing yourself with the grammatical syntax of the German Language. You do not need to worry about complex topics or confusing grammar since this part of A1 German Language is all about taking baby steps. 

Regardless, by the end of A1.1 Level of German language course, you should be able to:

  • Understand simple sentences

  • Introduce yourself and talk about simple hobbies

  • Ask help for simple things 

  • Know Foods and general Inventories

It may seem like a lot to cover for the first step, and honesty, it is. This intensive course consists of:

  • Introduction 

  • The alphabet & the numbers

  • Languages and countries

  • People and hobbies

  • The work, the workplace

  • Free time

  • At the hotel

  • The city map

  • Food and drinks

  • Personal pronouns and verbs in the present tense

  • The group of nouns: der/die/das/

  • Verbs

  • The negation

  • Prepositions of place

  • Personal pronouns in the accusative case

You will also need to learn German basics and the grammatical structures along with the pronunciation of the vowels and constants. 


After learning the basics, you will further expand your vocabulary and learn German to form basic sentences and expressions about time. This part of the A1 level of the German Language is all about getting fluent in the basics. 

Once you are done with this level of the Language course, you should be able to :

  • Form simple sentences and expressions without much effort

  • Understand general conversations

  • Comprehend shallow introductory texts in German

This Intensive course includes:

  • Daily schedule

  • Office Stress 

  • Appointments

  • The seasons and the weather

  • Destinations, travel preparations

  • Means of transport

  • Living & the home furnishings

  • Health

  • Excuses

  • Verbs

  • Prepositions of time

  • Sentence connectives: conjunctions

  • The group of nouns

  • Indicators of space

  • Adjectives

Although the course seems extensive, it really is not. These are the baby steps for your excellence in German language and your future life in Germany as an international student in some of the best Universities in Germany.

If you found all of this confusing, here is a simple representation of the courses and results in a tabular form:

A1 Level German Course Overview

A1 Level German Course

Beginner level 

Total Number of Courses

80 Courses

Two A1 level courses of set

A1.1 and A1.2

Teaching Units


Course Duration

4 - 5 Weeks

Eligibility Criteria to enroll in A1 Level German Course

  • Student Must be over 16 years

Placement tests would be taken if students have not taken classes at Edu Zeit.


  • Reading which lasts roughly 25 minutes

  • Listening Exam of around 20 Minutes

  • Writing Exam lasting 20 Minutes

  • Speaking (can be done in Pairs or individual) with 15 minutes per person


You will not be able to read a German novel as soon as you take the intensive German language course. However, don't be disappointed since you will understand a few sentences and words immediately by the end of this German course. 

This is great to get a glimpse of the German language since Getush is quite different from a lot of other common languages and you will need to ace this language course if you want to progress to A2 Level of a German Language course.

If you want further details and guidance about the German language course, feel free to Contact us. We will be here to answer all your questions.

Side note* The courses of both Standard and Intensive German Language courses are essentially the same. The difference lies in the intensity of the program.

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