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German is a weird language, and if you are interested in this language, you already know why. For instance, Germans are just about the only people who understand what "ß" is. But this is not the only reason why German is a weird language. You have long words that make a game of German scribble extremely difficult, and this language seems to have a word for just about everything.

You thought Japan had this covered with words like "kuchisabishii", try "verschlimmbessern" which is a word for "making something worse when trying to fix it ."Needless to say, German is a complicated language to learn as well. And this becomes a problem if you want to travel to Germany. Thankfully we have plenty of German Language Institutes in Kathmandu!

Let's talk about German Language Institutes in Kathmandu, their services, and what they provide!


What is a German Language Institute?


In simplest terms, a German Language Institute is an organization meant to teach the German language. This is the primary function of just about every Language Institute and not just the German ones. Languages institutes are the ones who are responsible for ensuring their student's compatibility with foreign languages, be it English, Japanese, or German.

This includes making their students proficient in theoretical and practical aspects of foreign language. As we all know, language is the basis of communication, and language institutes help the general populace to travel, work, study and settle abroad. 

This is especially so for German Language Institutes in Kathmandu. Germany is a popular educational destination, an excellent country to seek employment, and a great place to travel. Besides providing language classes, many German Language Institutes in Kathmandu like EduZeit also function as consultancy for German education.

While the primary objective of these language centers is to produce people proficient in the German language, these extra services are helpful for the students since they save time and effort. Not only are the students of German Language Institutes in Kathmandu able to take the course but, if needed, apply for education through the very same institute as well.

This being said, you should note that although some Institutes like EduZeit generally act as consultancy in Nepal for Germany, many don't.


What are the services provided by German Language Institutes in Kathmandu?


As we mentioned earlier, German Language Institutes in Kathmandu are not just about providing quality German language courses; they are also about helping their students travel abroad. Due to this, an average language institute in Kathmandu has the best of both worlds. These Language institutes ensure that their students are proficient in the German language in all aspects, be it reading, speaking, writing, or listening.

This is because, as a teaching institute, they know that their student's performance reflects the institute's standard. For these reasons, the German Language institutes try to provide the best they can. However, since German is a rather complex language to learn, especially for non -westerners, the results may not always be the best at times. 

A simple way to understand the difficulty of learning the German language is knowing that there are 16 Ways to say "The" in German and the fact that "Bitte" can mean anything from please, pardon, and your welcome.

As you can guess, teaching a language that is as weird as German is always hard. However, this is what the language centers in Kathmandu are meant for. With that being said, let's go a bit deeper into the services provided by the German Language Institutes in Kathmandu.


1) University Placement Services


Since the majority of people who study a foreign language are there for either abroad education or employment, having a university placement service in a language center is a rather smart decision. While we do acknowledge that university placements are practically useless for those who study German for employment, it is valuable for those who are studying in Germany. 

Many German Language Institutes in Kathmandu offer this service. These language institutes naturally have connections with Universities in Germany. Here, the language institutes help their language students choose the best university in Germany for their further education through this connection. Through this service, German Language Institutes in Kathmandu help their students improve their networking.

2) Visa Application Support Services

Among the essential steps in traveling abroad is getting a Visa. It is also one of the hardest processes of going abroad as well. Sure, you can apply as soon as you meet the basic requirements, but there will be no guarantee of getting a Visa. Along with this, unless you have proper guidance, the process can get annoyingly complex. 

This is where Language Institutes like EduZeit step in. They make the process of getting a Student Visa simple by providing their students with the procedures, ensuring that the applicant/ student meets the requirement, and acting as a liaison between the student and German officials. While you still do need some luck and meet the qualifications, German Language Institutes make the chance of you getting a Student Visa a tad bit better.

3) Bank Draft/ Blocked Account Opening Guidance


After the student gets the Visa, they are required to either open up a Blocked Account in the national Bank of Germany or transfer, which normally amounts to basic yearly expenses in Germany. The student can make a bank draft of the same amount as well. This amount depends on many variables, and you can expect it to be relatively high since the calculation will be done based on Euro.

Gathering enough funds is a tough job in itself. But what's even tougher is the process of making a Blocked Account or using a bank draft to transfer these fees. The good news for those who want to study in Germany is that these Language Institutes in Kathmandu will help the students prepare all the documents required for this procedure and guide them each step of the way to prevent any form of unseen mishaps.

4) Health Insurance

One of the best things about Germany is that they are very health conscious. For Germans, Health is wealth, so much so that they have made health insurance a mandatory service for just about everybody - including international students in Germany. It doesn't matter where you are from; you must have health insurance to stay in Germany. While this is a rather good thing to have, it also makes foreign education in Germany harder for the students from Nepal.

Thankfully many German Language Institutes of Kathmandu provide this service as well. Depending on the agreement with the student, the institute will help the students get either public or private health insurance in Germany. For those unaware of this, Germany has a set of rules for health insurance for international students. If you are curious about this, follow our article on "Health Insurance in Germany for Students" to learn more about it. 

By doing this, the German Language Institute of Kathmandu reduces a tremendous amount of burden on the students. Think about it, if the institute doesn't provide this service, the student would have to reach a German Health Insurance Company and Apply for their health insurance on their own. If the student has someone they know there, then this can be a bit easier, but for most, this would be a difficult process.

5) Travel Arrangement


Once the student has every document and the basic requirement for life in Germany fulfilled, the issue of travel becomes apparent. While not big, it is a brain wrecking one. The concerns of best-priced airline tickets with good amenities and flights with appropriate timings become apparent here. 

If a flight has many transits, the journey will be harder for them. Along with this, if a flight is too expensive, the student may not make the flight in the first place. Besides this, the student's comfort is also an important factor when picking the flight. Institutes like EduZeit handle all of these concerns for their students. 

6) Pick-up and Accommodation

When students leave for Germany, they will literally be alone out there. Sure some may have friends and family, but most don't. This can be a traumatizing event in life, especially when you are moving to a new place without knowing anything about accommodation. Thankfully many of the German Language Centers in Kathmandu are aware of this issue. 

Once their student arrives in Germany as international student, the Language institute arranges for people to pick them up and help them settle down. The student will have made prior discussions and arrangements about accommodation. However, since they will have no idea how to reach their accommodation site, the pick-up person will also guide the student until they reach their predetermined accommodation. 

You should note there will always be a difficult choice to make when it comes to accommodation without the help of these language institutes. You either have to choose cheap accommodation in university dorms but wait for a long time or spend more money to stay in a private apartment. So these accommodation and pick-up services offered by German Language Institutes in Kathmandu are a big help.

7) German Language Courses


The primary service provided by German Language Institutes in Kathmandu is naturally providing their students with language courses. Depending on the students' needs and wants, the language courses have been divided into 6 levels, each with an increasing level of difficulty. 


The levels of the German language

The first two levels are called A1 and A2, which are considered to be beginner levels of the German language. In these levels, you learn about German languages' basic sounds and structure. After this comes B1 and B2 levels, also known as intermediate levels. By the end of these two courses, you should be able to hold some general conversations and understand the majority of common German words and phrases.

The final two levels are C1 and C2, which are also known as Professional German Language courses. If you manage to Graduate from the C2 course in the German language, you will be able to speak German like a native. Although it will be hard to do, some people do this.


Types of German Language Courses

Besides the language levels, the courses provided by the German Language Institutes in Kathmandu can be divided into two types. They are Standard German course and Intensive German Course. 

1) Standard German Course


In this type of German Course, the teaching progresses at a decent speed with an average focus on class projects as well as home projects. The standard course is usually held for only an hour or two per day and usually lasts longer. There is no significant pressure on the students, and they are free for most of the day. 

This type of German Language Course is perfect for those who are either studying, working, or doing their own projects here and are in no rush. 

2) Intensive German Course

As the name suggests, intensive German courses are, well, Intensive. Students of this course are expected to attend a few hours of class per day. Along with this, there is also a significant pressure to learn efficiently in this type of German Language Course.

While you will learn more in this type of course, it is not recommended for those who cannot dedicate a significant amount of time to learning German.


Teaching Methodology

This is the part where the best answer for every question is "it depends on''. The teaching methodology will depend on the German Language Institute in Kathmandu. While some may focus on the practical aspect of the German language and teach through conversation, others may focus on building a strong base for the language and focus on theory before moving on to the practical conversation.

Both of these teaching methods are effective in their own way. Both of these methods have their own pros and cons. Along with this, some German Language Institutes in Kathmandu may have their own teaching methodology. Showing German Audio Visuals for better change is not unheard of either. 

However, regardless of which method they use to teach, the end goal is to make their students speak, read, write, and listen to German naturally.


Which are the best German Language Institutes in Kathmandu?

By now, you should be aware of how Language Institutes in Nepal function and their primary goal. But which one is the best German Language Institute in Kathmandu? While the answer will depend on your needs and wants, EduZeit sure is one of the best German Language Institutes in Kathmandu.

We are among those who provide just about every service you can seek from a Language Institute, be it fulfilling the role of consultancy in Nepal for Germany, personal guidance, Student Visa, or Language course.

We won't claim that we are among the best, but our thousands of satisfied applicants and students do.


In the end,


German Language Institutes in Kathmandu are not just language centers; they are consultancy as well. Due to this, these institutes help their students to complete just about every procedure required for foreign education alongside teaching German. While this is indeed extra work for the institutes, it is an extra benefit as well. The benefit isn't just limited to the institutes either since the students can save a ton of time and effort through the extra services that these language institutes provide.

I hope this was helpful for you. And if it was, why not follow this with some of our other articles below? And if you are in need of services regarding education in Germany, contact us by following this link here


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