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Mechanical Engineering is a two-year graduate course about learning the principles of sciences related to analyzing, manufacturing, and mechanical systems. So, you need to have decent academic and analytical prowess. That said, if you have the capabilities, then after you take this course, you have a pretty secure future for you as it is one of the best fields of education. Combine this with the education destination of Germany, and you have two of the best tools to succeed: a good education destination and a good education program. 

From the name of this course and our current era, the age of machines slowly progressing towards automation, it is easy to guess that it is a prosperous education program to join. - but why study MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany?

Why study MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany?

One of the simplest answers to this question is - Germany is one of the best education destinations in the world. Study in Germany is best as it is home to some of the best Universities, along with state of the art Universities in the world. 

But are there any other specific reasons to study MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany?

Here are a few more reasons.

  • Germany is home to five out of a hundred top universities worldwide
  • More than half of the Universities in Germany do not require Tuition Fees
  • Because of this virtually free education, Germany attracts many students for English taught Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany and In German Taught ME in Germany
  • German Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering in Germany is globally valid
  • Studying MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany opens a plethora of high-paying jobs
  • Germany is the third best place to live - Globally

When all of these reasons are combined, we have plenty of good reasons why we should study in Germany!

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Studying Masters of Mechanical Engineering in Germany?

Mechanical Engineering is a tough field of study, and you need a lot of technical knowledge to study it properly. You need to be good in education and have decent analytical skills to study MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany. 

Although the precise eligibility criteria will vary from University to University, there are some general requirements that you must meet. They are:

  • Signed and Printed Online Application
  • Transcripts of previous Institutes that you have previously attended
  • Proof of your Language proficiency
  • Letter of Motivation
  • CV
  • Letter of Recommendation for Germany
  • Copy of Password
  • Certificate of previous education qualification

The grade requirements will vary depending on your University, but apart from Grade, another variable is the language requirement. While the specific language proficiency and score vary, you will need an English language proficiency with a minimum score of 5.5 or equivalent. Along with this, you need a B2 level of German Language proficiency.

You also need German Health Insurance, a Blocked Account, and a German Student Visa. If you have all of these requirements, you are all prepared to study for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany.

How to Apply for MSC of Mechanical Engineering in Germany

The process of applying for Mechanical Engineering in Germany is rather simple. If you meet the requirements and the documents, you must apply for the University of your choice and wait for the student visa. The process is essentially the same as applying to study bachelor's in Germany, where you can read about this process in more detail.

Best Universities to Study MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Germany is home to some of the best education destinations in the world. And as we mentioned earlier, this nation is home to give out of a hundred top universities worldwide. This also essentially means that you have a plethora of good options to choose from if you want to study Master of Mechanical Engineering in Germany, 

As Mechanical Engineering is extremely popular in Germany, you can find this course in almost every major University. As such, the top universities to study for Masters of Mechanical Engineering in Germany are essentially the same as the top universities in Germany.

What is the Cost of Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany?

Master of Mechanical Engineering is one of the more expensive fields of education. However, the good news is that regardless of which University joins in, the cost remains more or less constant. 

Following are some of the top universities' master's programs for mechanical engineering in Germany and their approximate costs.

University Cost in Euro
Technical University of Munich 260
RWTH Aachen University 4500
University of Stuttgart 3000
Technical University Darmstadt 540
Karlsruhe Institute at Technology 3000
Leibniz University of Hannover 816
TU Dortmund 600
Technical University of Hamburg 670
Ruhr University Bochum 664
University of Duisburg Essen 620

While we say this, you should note that the fee mentioned here excludes all the cost of living in Germany. If we are to add the cost of living in Germany for an international Student, it may increase by a few thousand Euros.

Scope and job prospects of Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Whether you seek Mechanical Engineering in Germany for knowledge or a better career, it is always a good idea to know the scope and job prospects of mechanical engineering in Germany. Sure enough, some of you may wonder about the average salary for mechanical engineering with a master's in Germany. 

Following is the list of some decently paying jobs.

Career Average salary per year
Area Manager 103,000
Team Leader 72,000
Project Engineer 51,000
Engineer in Charge 49,000
Assistant Manager 44,000

The good news here is that the average salary is decent for job prospects for MS in Mechanical Engineering graduates in Germany.


Gaining a Mechanical Engineering master's in Germany is one of the most lucrative education programs in Germany. This is an education program with good job prospects and long-term benefits. That said, you will need to cram a lot of information and have decent analytical skills. Because of this, those who are weak in education may find this program challenging. 

That said, all of the future will be well worth the effort since you have good job prospects. 

We hope you found this interesting and helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.


Q: Is Germany good for a master's in Mechanical Engineering?

A: Yes, Germany is indeed good for master's in Mechanical Engineering!

Q: Is master’s in Mechanical Engineering Free in Germany?

A: It is technically free in Germany, however, you will need to pay tuition per semester depending on the University.

Q: Does MS in Mechanical Engineering have a good job prospect?

A: Yes. In fact, Masters in Mechanical Engineering is an education program with one of the best job prospects in Germany!

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