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German language Classes Start Date and Fees

Course Start Dates

Germany is a dream destination for students aiming to get a better education in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Because of this, the demand for German Language Courses has grown as well. This is because being good in the German Language will help the students to survive and grow effectively In this foreign country. Although you don't need to be an expert in the German Language to get into German Universities since a lot of them offer courses in English as well, you still need to know the basics of it. Edu Zeit's German Language Courses are carefully crafted to fulfill this exact need. The courses are designed to ensure the Fluency and Functionality of the applicants’ German language through the use of speaking, reading, and writing exercises. These will not only help the applicants to learn the German Language theoretically but learn how to use them in real life. At the same time, Edu Zeit expects constant practice and diligence from our applicants of the German Language for only through Practice can one reach perfection!

Course start Dates ( Face to Face German Courses)

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Course Start Dates ( Face to Face German Courses )

Course Level

Start Date

Course Timing

Intensive A2


9-11 am (physical classes)

Intensive A1


4-6 pm (online classes)

Intensive A1


11:30-1:30 (physical classes)

Intensive A2


11:30-1:30 (physical classes)

Intensive A1


9-11 am (physical classes)

Applicants are recommended to take and ace the B1 Language test if s/he is aiming to study in Germany or has a long-term goal of becoming a German citizen

Proficiency of B1 is required to receive German citizenship and to get access to German University. Passing the B1 language course in the German Language will prove that the applicant can competently use the German Language in everyday situations both academically and professionally. While this grade of proficiency is not adequate for complex research nor is it deeply comprehensive, the applicant would have an excellent base to build his/her language skill

This level of proficiency in the German Language is a must for any applicant to enter Germany.

Process of Filing the Application

To enroll in our German Language course, applicants must go through the following admission procedures:

  • Step 1: Fill and submit the application form at Edu Zeit for German Language Course

  • Step 2: Make payment for the course fees and examination fees as per the discussion or as per the information provided by the front desk

  • Step 3: Receive and confirm the payment invoice

Additional Information

Basic Fee Structure

For A1, Npr 11,500*/- + 13% VAT = Rs. 12,995/- Including all Books and education materials

For A2, Npr 12,500*/- + 13% VAT = Rs.14,125/- Including all Books and education materials

For B1, Npr 13,500*/- + 13% VAT = Rs.15,255/-Including all Books and education materials

For B2.1, Npr 15,500*/- + 13% VAT = Rs.17,515/-Including all Books and education materials

For B2.2, Npr 15,500*/- + 13% VAT = Rs.17,515/-Including all Books and education materials

*The prices are subject to be change in coming days.

A1 Npr 11,500*/- + 13% VAT = Rs.12,995/-for online German Language course (inclusive of Digital Educational Materials)

A2 Npr 12,500*/- + 13% VAT = Rs.14,125/-for online German Language course (inclusive of Digital Educational Materials)

Course Duration

  • 2 Hours per Class

  • 6 Days per week

  • 45 Days and 3 Days extra (excluding all Holidays)

  • Total of 96 Hours* per course

*The total hours for per course may change depending on the fluency of the classes

Trial Classes

Not available

Internal Examinations

Will be conducted on the basis of:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • German Grammar

Applicants Per Group

12 to 15 Heads

Transferability from Online Class to Physical Class:

Yes but the fee structure will change (Not recommended)

Transferability from Online Class to Physical Class:

Yes but the fee structure will change (Not recommended)

Provision of Digital Education Materials for Online course:

Yes (fees will be included in the package)

Minimum Attendance Required for Graduation:



S/he will be deemed unqualified should s/he not meet the minimum attendance requirement for their respective German Language Courses irrespective of their examination scores.
If you have any queries, do send us an email at info@eduzeit.com.np/ eduzeiteducation020@gmail.com.
You can give us a call and book an appointment to register for a German Language Course on +977-9851229937 / +977-9801178937
or visit our head office on 3rd Floor of Kusum Ganga Complex, Himalayan Bank Building, Madan Bhandari Marg, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. Edu Zeit will be there to answer

Frequently asked question Online German Courses


What is the course fee for Online German Courses?

The course fee for our Online German Course is NPR 11,500/- A1 level and NPR 12,500/- A2 level including books and materials in digital format. However the printed Books could be picked up from our office. 13% VAT will be added to the mentioned amounts. 


What is the timing of the Online German Courses at Edu Zeit Education Network?

Different course timings are available based on the need of the students and availability of the teachers. We do have different time available according to the needs of students , Morning and Afternoon Shifts are available. 



Interested to Study in Germany?

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