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Au pair is a foreign national, preferably a woman who takes care of children and does small daily household tasks for a host family abroad. An Au pair service in Germany is a part of the family rather than being an employee. 

What is a German Au pair Visa?

A German Au pair visa is more of a cultural exchange visa that allows an individual to live in Germany as an Au pair.

Requirement for being an Au pair

  • German language proficiency of level A1 (the most basic German language knowledge) but preferably of level A2 for one’s own benefit

  •  Aged between 18 and 27

  • Unmarried and should have no children

  • Haven’t arrived in Germany before as an Au pair

Au pair Services in Germany Contract

It is the contract made between the host family and the Au pair. It specifies all the Dos and Don’ts for both parties involved. Some common points included here are: duties of Au pair, working hours, duration of stay, days off and paid holidays, pocket money of Au pair, insurance, and language courses. It can also include special mentions like driving license requirements depending on the host family.

Responsibilities of an Au pair Service Provider

An Au pair’s primary responsibility is to take care of the children of the host family. It may involve arranging kids’ rooms, cooking food for them, taking them to the park or to the kindergarten, playing with them, and so on. On some occasions, Au pairs may also have to do daily household tasks. The working hours for Au pairs are up to 6 hours a day and 30 hours a week at maximum. 

What is an Au pair provided with?

Host families provide Au pairs with food, a place to stay in their home, insurance, pocket money of 280 euros a month, and additional 50 euros a month to learn the German language in their free time. If the 50 euros a month does not cover the language course cost, the Au pair must arrange the additional funds on their own.

Driving in Germany as an Au pair

As a citizen of non-EU (European Union) countries like Nepal, Au pair can drive for the first six months with a valid driving license after fulfilling some requirements; which are: 

  • Should carry the driving license in all situations

  • Should know the traffic rules in Germany

  • Must be above 18 years of age

  • Must have insurance covering road accidents

  • Wear glasses or carry other similar aids depending upon the individual

After completion of the first six months, the Au pair needs an extension to continue driving.

Is it allowed to do extra work as an Au pair service in Germany? 

No, the Au pair contract only allows one to work for the host family, and working in the places otherwise would violate the contract.

How can a Nepali national live as an Au pair in Germany?

Being one of the easiest ways for a Nepali national to arrive in Germany, below are some steps for you to take to live as an Au pair in Germany:


One must first find host families in Germany who need Au pairs. We can take the help of Au pair websites like Au pair world and Great Au Pair to find the host families. Alternatively, there are Facebook groups that help to connect interested Au pair candidates with the host families. Au-Pair Deutschland !!! is a similar group.


Apply to the German embassy in Nepal for an Au pair visa with the following document:

  • Passport with at least 2 empty pages and validity of 3 months, even after completing the scheduled stay.

  • Application form for a german national residence permit

  • Copy of passport’s data page

  • Citizenship certificate

  • Birth certificate

  • Motivation letter and CV (curriculum vitae)

  • Au pair contract with the German Family

  • Invitation from a German family

  • Proof of education and/or proof of work experience

  • Flight reservation

  • 3 recent biometric passport photographs

  • Visa fee of 75 euros (It’s equivalent to NPR)

For more information, visit: German Embassy Nepal Au-pair

Travel expenses of the Au pair

An Au pair should pay for travel expenses on their own when traveling to the host country and while returning from there. It may be a cheaper option to buy a round-trip ticket if one is sure about the duration of the stay. Else, we can buy those tickets separately upon need.

Later, after arriving in Germany, if the Au pair needs to travel with the children, the host family is liable for all the travel expenses.

Days off and paid holidays for an Au pair Service in Germany

In Germany, the Au pair gets a minimum of 1 day and up to 2 days off in the week if that’s what they decided in the Au pair contract. They get 4 free evenings in a week too. Also, every 6 months, Au pairs get a week off to travel on their own, where the host family covers the expenses.

Duration of stay for an Au pair in Germany

An Au pair can stay for a minimum of 6 months and up to a year at maximum.


What, after a year of an Au pair visa?

You can further apply for FSJ and BFD, which is a year of voluntary service in Germany. 

Also, if your German language expertise reaches level B2 or higher, you may apply for a German student visa to continue your studies there. You need a German language proficiency of level C1 If you want to take the course in the German language. Else, to take courses in the English language, you would need to attend the IELTS test. Lastly, a student visa requires having a block account with a minimum deposit of 10332 euros; so one needs to have those funds ready.

Is it safe as an Au pair in Germany?

We know Germans for being disciplined and polite. This assures that they are safe to be with on most occasions. In the unlikely case of abuse or violation of the Au pair contract, we can contact the police. Also, an Au pair may shift into a different host family if they don’t fit well in the current family.

Final words

Being an Au pair, one gets to travel to an unfamiliar country and know about the language and culture of the place. It is an exhilarating experience for sure.

So, if you are a compassionate individual with a love for children, being an Au pair can be the next big move for you.

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